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Do you have unwanted goods of value sitting gathering dust around the house or garage? Jewellery you don’t wear, loose gold, a video camera or tools you hardly ever use or a games console you don’t play?

Why let your unwanted items lie around collecting dust when you can sell them for cash!

Kings Cash Exchange is always looking for new products, and best of all, we buy on the spot for instant cash. No waiting for weeks with a classified listing, or bringing strange people to your home, just quick cash for your unwanted goods!

Just bring your goods to Rockhampton’s Kings Cash Exchange store with 100 points of ID.  If you are unsure of your ID requirements, visit our vehicle loans page to view a full list of ID requirements.

We offer customers the best prices, for their goods of value, so visit Rockhampton’s local pawnbroker, Kings Cash Exhange today and let us give you cash for you unwanted items!

There is no better way to sell your unwanted goods than Rocky’s own Kings Cash Exchange.

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